Book Review – Dealing With Difficult People By Roy Lilley

Difficult peopleDealing with difficult people is a book that presents a lot of bite-sized information about how to deal with difficult people. For a book with just 140 pages it covers a lot of ground, but don’t expect in-depth coverage. The book though does take an interesting approach to discussing the topics. Each chapter focuses on a different area of handling difficult people and in 24 short chapters the book discusses areas such as:

  • Types of difficult people
  • Handling conflict
  • Dealing with angry bosses
  • Handling aggressive people and bullies
  • Dealing with moaners, perfectionists and manipulators
  • Working with lazy people, the egoist and fault finders

The range of difficult situations that the book covers is quite wide and interesting at the same time. Below is a brief review of what you can expect to learn in each chapter. Continue reading