Book Review – Pocket Mentor: Managing Time

Managing TimeThis book was written by Melissa Raffoni, who is the founder of Professional Skills Alliance. As is the case with the pocket mentor series , there are no chapters and the content is split across a number of topical sections, each of which I have briefly reviewed below. This book has just 92 pages of content which include the main topics and a separate section with tips and tools that I have also reviewed below.

Following are the topics and a brief review of each one.


Section 1 – How to leverage your time: asses and plan

This section contain three sub-topics.

How to look at the big picture

Two questions are answered here which are:

  • What’s the value of leveraging your time?
  • Why do we do what we do?

Also the importance of looking strategically at the big picture is discussed. Time leveraging is described as spending time wisely on activities that move you closer to your goals and is differentiated from managing time which are the day to day processes used to leverage time. The first step in leveraging time is to define one’s priorities and added to that is to be clear about why you do what you do. Answering questions such as, are you using your time to accomplish what you want? Are you simply running in place?, can help with this. Continue reading


Book Review – Managing Time

Managing TimeIntroduction

Managing Time is part of the Harvard Press Pocket Mentor series. The book written by Melissa Raffoni looks at some key time management principles which a lot of people will already know about. As is the custom with this series, the book is short and straight to the point and covers topics such as assessing how you use your time, prioritizing and delegating. Altogether the book has 94 pages which includes the content for reading, frequently asked questions, templates that help with managing time, a test to help readers review their understanding of the content and some suggestions for learning more. The book has two parts, each with a number of chapters.

Following is a quick chapter by chapter review. Continue reading