The E-Myth Revisited By Michael E. Gerber

EMythThe E-Myth Revisited subtitled, why most businesses don’t work and what to do about it, is not a new book. In fact it is an updated version of a previous book with the same title. Published in 1995 it is a business classic having sold over one million copies. If the term E-Myth sounds weird to you, Michael Gerber, the author has a definition for it. E-Myth or the entrepreneurial myth is the myth that most people who start small businesses are entrepreneurs and the fatal assumption that an individual who understands the technical work of a business can successfully run a business that does that technical work. The aim of the book is to:
– How the steps involved in you the life of a business from infancy through to maturity
– Apply the principles of franchising to a business even if the business is not a franchise
– Distinguish between working on your business and in your business Continue reading


Book Review – The Creative Entrepreneur by Isa Maria Seminega

The Creative EntrepreneurThe Creative Entrepreneur  makes some bold claims. It’s described as a book that will, take the stress out of the process and lead you to successful commercial creativity on your own terms. That does sound exciting. The author, Isa Maria Seminega is the founder of Noisette, a small brand studio that works with start-ups and emerging companies to position their brands and understand their customers. She is also the founder of Happy Piece , an eco-ethical homewares company, so she has written this book from a rich source of entrepreneurial experience.
This is a well designed, high quality, colourful book which is immediately attractive, and at first glance the outline of the book’s content looks interesting too. It’s not a very large book as it cover just 176 pages in nine chapters and also has a short glossary of business terms. The book is illustrated in a way that makes it easy to read and it has a key feature that I always love to see in business start up books, short stories of people who’ve started their own business used to illustrate some of the lessons in the book. Following is a brief review of what you can expect to learn from each chapter. Continue reading

Book Review – Go do by Jeremy Harbour

Go doGo Do is one of those business books written by an entrepreneur. The author Jeremy Harbour is a serial entrepreneur who writes the book from his own experience. This is not a book based on research or academic study. Rather its based on insight gained from serial entrepreneurial exploits. According to Jeremy he wrote the book for those who talk about starting a business but never get round to doing it. The book is a mix of personal experiences and business principles.

To be sure there is nothing new in this book, but what you are reading is Jeremy’s perspective about business. That is not to say you won’t learn anything new if you are used to reading similar start up business books. You definitely will and Jeremy shares some insights which I found to be very valuable. The book has 197 pages of reading content covering 11 chapters. Let me give you a brief headline review of what you can expect to learn from each chapter. Continue reading

Book Review – Business Generation Model by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur

Business Generation ModelBusiness Generation Model is one of the most practical business books I’ve read. Well researched, easy to understand and colourful, this is a book I believe every business person should have. Even if you are starting something really small this book will give you some solid ideas. The book focuses on business models and according to the authors, this book will give you deep insight into the nature of business models. It describes traditional and bleeding-edge models and their dynamics. Written way back in 2010, its content is still very fresh and relevant to the current business environment and feels like it was written and published yesterday. What gives the book even more credibility is the fact that it was co-created by 470 other people from 45 different countries who contributed comments.

The book contains five main sections, an outlook and afterword all covered in 278 visual appealing pages. Following is a brief review of each section. Continue reading

Book Review – Craft a Creative Business By Fiona Pullen


Craft a creative businessIf you are a creative person and you dream of using your craft skills to create a business then Fiona Pullen has written the ideal book for you. Craft a Creative Business is a complete business guide which touches on the essential aspects of setting up a business, and Fiona writes from experience. Fiona is a qualified and experienced lawyer who decided to pursue a career in business to fit her life around her son. She set up The Sewing Directory (the sewing, a popular site for finding local and online sewing suppliers, sewing courses, and sewing groups.

The book is divided into six sessions which are reviewed below. This is a high quality book which is very colourful and full of very useful information, not just for those who want to start a craft related business, but other types of businesses because it covers all the usual areas you will need to consider when starting up. Other great things about the book are: Continue reading